Our Services

T-shirts / mugs  printing 
We print t-shirts, mugs, caps, aprons, work suits,  badges, key chains, certificates, business cards, wedding invitation cards while you wait. 

Web Browsing
Lightning fast fiber optic connection and modern virus free PCs. Bring your own Laptop/Mobile phone/Tablet PC for hassle free Wi-Fi internet connection.

Send / Receive Fax
Local and international faxing with proof of delivery receipt.

Make and receive Skype calls using our fast connection and high fidelity sound headsets.  

Printing / Photocopying
B&W / colour laser printing and B&W photocopying any size upto A3

B&W and colour scans to pdf/PNG/JPG save to USB or Email.

Document typing and printing, (letters, reports, financial accounts, conference papers, presentations), Laminating and Spiral Binding

Other products 
Powertel prepaid mobile SIM cards, Mobile phone Airtime  and Bundles (Econet, Netone, Telecel, Africom, Powertel), USB Flash sticks, SD/MicroSD Memory Cards, Blank CDs and DVDs, printed promotional products - t-shirts, mugs, caps, badges, keychains, newsletters, business cards, and more.

Technology News

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