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TechWorld Connection Fact Sheet

TechworldConnection is a WiFi internet service that allows you to connect your laptop or WiFi enabled device such as ipad, iphone, Smartphone, Tablet PC to the internet at much faster speeds than your ordinary internet connections. The service is available within a radius of 

100m around TechWorld Hotspot locations.

What equipment do i need to connect?

All you need is a laptop computer or Compatible Router with a Wi-Fi interface. Most laptops and some mobile phones come with built-in Wi-Fi capability.

What services are available?

The TechworldConnection Pay As You Go service is a voucher based internet connection service, available to customers who want to manage their internet usage closely. To activate the account users need to purchase access vouchers in order to gain access. Speed is unlimited.

For just $10 a month you get 500MB for 30 days, plus bonus access during off peak hours if you choose the TechworldConnection Reloaded option. 

How do I sign up?

You will need to complete a membership application form and include all the required information. Once completed the form must be submitted to TechWorld Internet Cafe situated at Shop no15 Chiyedza House, Cnr 1st Street and Kwame Krumah Avenue.

If your application is successful you will be advised via email or called via your mobile phone. We will send you your first invoice for your selected service which must be settled before you can collect your login details and your service car.

Please note that all accounts must be verified in person in order to be activated.

What equipment do I need in order to use Techworldconnection Wi-Fi High Speed Internet access?

All you need is a laptop computer or a compatible router. Most laptops and some mobile phones come with built-in Wi-Fi capability.

Techworldconnection has compatible Wi-Fi routers that will enable you to share your internet connection with others.

How do I connect to Techworldconnection?

The good news is that it is very easy to connect to our service. You don’t require any special software or configuration. Anyone with basic internet knowledge can connect to the service. Just activate your WiFi connection on your laptop or mobile device and select “Techworldconnection” from your available WiFi connections and set up your Wi-Fi broadband internet connection. Enter your supplied user name and password and you are ready to go.

Should you require assistance in connecting please contact 08644074984 or email and we will guide you through the connection process.

To track your online time we advise that you use the following link to login into your account On your home page you see how much data you have used as well and what time you last connected to the internet. You will also be able to change your service add credits. You can upgrade/downgrade your service depending on your budget and requirements.

What if I have trouble connecting to Techworldconnection

You can send an sms to our support number 086044074984 or 0712-713-713 or email if you are having problems connecting. Our support staff will be able to call you back and resolve your connection issues. If you require our staff to come to you, our minimum call out fee is $10/hour.

What types of wireless cards are compatible with the Techworldconnection Wi-Fi network?

Any card that has been certified for compliance with the Wi-Fi wireless LAN standard (IEE 802.11b/g) can be used with the Techworldconnection. If you have an 802.11n card that is backwards compatible with 802.11g you will be able to our service.

Is the Techworldconnection service secure?

We try and make the connection as secure as possible. Certain vulnerable ports have been blocked to minimise security breaches. Our firewall is regularly updated to address new threats. We advise that you install an anti-virus software if you do not have one installed to minimise security breaches and possible data theft or loss from malicious software. We can install Avira for $18, license is valid for one year.

Users are also advised to desist from visiting websites that make the network vulnerable. Offenders will be disconnected from the Techworldconnection and subscriptions will not be refunded.

For your security before you enter any user names and passwords, verify that you are connected to “Techworldconnection” and that you are indeed logging into our Wi-Fi service to avoid someone else stealing your login details. Do not share any folders on your connected computer.

If you use any PCs in our shops please make sure that you logout of your account as not doing so will allow the next user to use your data service.

Forgotten password for your account?

If you forget your password, please click on the link provided on the Techworldconnection. You will be guided through the process of obtaining a new one. We suggest that you periodically visit your user manager page to check on your account. This can be done at